Electrical Engineering Services

Our team of Electrical Engineers apply their deep expertise regarding electrical regulations, codes as well as their substantial experience in designing cost-effective and robust solutions for plants, factories and manufacturing facilities.

  • Preparation of Electrical design basis based on Client/end-user requirements and based on latest IEC/IS/IEEE and NBC-2016 standards. This includes inputs received, selection of type equipment as per project requirements, codes and standard referred, conceptual distribution system, scope of work, battery limits, etc.
  • Preparation of electrical load list. It includes all Production Equipment/Packages, Motors, Utilities packages like chiller, compressor, boiler, HVAC, Lighting, Raw Power and Emergency load like servers, computers. Load list shows Connected Power and Operating Power (With Load factor) of each connected load.
  • Transformer, DG and UPS sizing calculation. Sizing of transformer, Emergency Diesel generator and Uninterruptible Power supply system as per Load list considering Load factors and Plant Diversity factors.
  • Preparation of Single line diagram for HT and LT distribution Panel with selection of switchgear, Short Circuit Current calculation, load flow study, Relay coordination and protection study. Designing and configuration of operation of transformer and DG set.
  • Design of 66KV switchyard/substation with switchyard and substation layout, configuration of input and output bays, sectional and plan of switchyard. Designing of Substation and equipment layout, earthing system, protection system etc.
  • LT distribution: Substation Equipment layout, Elevation and Sections. Equipment layout of Power control centre, Transformer, DG, PDBs with mandatory and maintenance clearances, Busduct layout between Transformer and PCC, cable trench design, section and elevation view of Equipment.
  • Design Calculations for illumination (Lighting) and Lighting layout considering lux level as per suggested value given NBC-2016 or as per requirement of Client. Simulation of day-light and artificial light in building. Preparation of lighting layout, installation details, coordination with other disciplines, circuit distribution schedule. Fault current calculation, Load flow analysis, Earthing calculation, Cable size and Voltage Drop calculation.
  • Designing of lighting controlling system using Dali/KNX based controller, Dimming system, controlling with occupancy sensor.
  • Design calculation of Earthing calculation and Layout including sizing of earthing rod, number of earthing rods, earthing strip sizing, layout of earthing rods, strip routing and connection details.
  • Cable size and Voltage Drop calculation considering full load current, Switchgear rating, derating factors, voltage drop calculations, cable laying methods. Preparation of cable schedule as per Power distribution system, cable sizing and total length of all type of cables included.
  • Lightening protection system design as per latest standard IS/IEC-62305 (Part 1 to 4) and NBC-2016. Calculating risk assessment, design system as per Mesh/grid system Rolling sphere and angle of protection methods. Sizing of horizontal and down conductors, equipotential bonding, Surge protection device coordination etc.
  • Preparation of Equipment, Sockets, Cable Tray, Raceway layout as per Power distribution requirement.
  • Coordination check with other discipline with help of 3D BIM with modelling cable trays, lighting, raceways etc. to coordinate with other mechanical, structure and civil elements.
  • Structure cabling / passive IT system for data/Voice system with Cat-6/6A/7 and Fiber optic cabling and accessories like Information outlets, patch panels, telephone Box, patch cords, raceway system, entire backbone and horizontal distribution system. Layout of IT network room / Server room.
  • Video Surveillance system. Designing of CCTV system layout with selection of camera, field of view, NVR sizing or software based solution.
  • Security / Access control system with card/finger print/ biometric reader, strategic placement of device, attendance system configuration. Designing of security system like Motion detector, glass break detector etc.
  • Design of Public Announcement system. Single zone or multi-zone Digital/analogue/IP based Public announcement system, selection of type of speaker/horns/amplifier/controller as per project requirements.
  • Designing of AV system for Video conference room, Auditorium, Meeting rooms, large gathering area with multiple Inputs/outputs and multiple projections options.
  • Value engineering for optimization of electrical system.
  • Detailed construction drawings for Lighting, Equipment, Sockets, Earthing, Cable Tray, Raceway layout etc.
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