Site Infrastructure, Plumbing & Public Health Engineering Services

  • Grading: To provide the finished ground level for plot based on natural contour, finished level of adjacent plot, road level of adjacent highway/urban road, disposal point level for storm water system. Engineer the gradation plan to optimize earth cut and fill.
  •  Road Layout: Smooth and optimized turning radius of roads for vehicle movements. Simulating real time movement of large vehicles in the software. To provide road levels for the internal road network in plot based on finished ground levels, consideration for camber and planned network of storm water drainage system.
  •  Road Section: To provide flexible and rigid pavement section, paved road section based on design as per respective IRC codes in co-ordination with Structure dept.
  • Road Panel Layout: To provide road panel sizes, longitudinal and contraction/expansion joint detail, etc. in case of rigid pavement.
  • Co-ordinated U.G. Sleeve layout and detail: To run a clash check and provide co-ordinated layout and detail for U.G. sleeves of various services (storm water, Sewage, water supply, fire & electrical) at road crossings and other critical junctions.
  • Rainwater Gutter and downspout requirement: To calculate the required cross section of rainwater gutter along the length of roof and required number of rainwater down take pipes with specific diameter.
  • Storm Water drainage network: To provide an efficient storm water drainage system for plot/park based on the maximum rainfall intensity. Also to provide details of catch pit, RCC/masonry box drain, perforated covers, gratings, etc.
  • Rainwater Harvesting scheme: To suggest location and provide details of percolation wells to recharge ground water.
  • Sewage Network: To provide efficient sewage network and plan its disposal system. Details of Inspection chamber, Gully trap and manhole.
  • Sewage disposal system: To calculate required capacity of Oil & grease tank/septic tank/STP based on sewage generation. To provide detailed drawing for oil & grease tank, septic tank and soak pit and to discuss selection of STP. Gaining confidence of vendor-based items by collecting feedback and visiting the facilities where they are installed and taking feedback from the end users. Presenting the total technical comparative of the system to Client.
  • Internal Plumbing: To provide internal routing of soil waste, waste water and water supply pipes of required diameter with all connections.
  • Water Supply Network: To provide efficient water supply network and calculate requirement of domestic water per day and thus plan capacity of U.G. storage tank/O.H.W.T.
  • Pump capacity and selection: To calculate the total head requirement and flow rate based on the water supply system for proper selection of pumps through various vendors.
  • Culvert- Design and its coordinated drawings with structure and architectural departments.


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