VMS was founded 50 years ago by Dr. Rasvihari Vakil, Dr. Mahendra Mehta & Mr. Ramesh Sheth. The value system established by the founders has helped VMS to sustain, evolve and grow with the changing market, society and economy dynamics. Some of the themes espoused by our founders that have stood us in good stead are:

Academic rigor, research based approach & quality orientationPlacing client’s interest ahead of financial considerationEthical conduct & a high level of integritySimplicity & economy of meansStewardship of environment & natural resourcesMentoring & grooming of young professionalsBeing the best workplace Sharing and spreading of knowledgeContinuing education & lifelong learningTeam spirit & collaborationContribution to the professionsContribution to the society
  • Dr. Rasvihari Vakil

    Dr. Rasvihari Vakil |  |

    Dr. Vakil is a renowned engineering professional, an academician and an institution builder. After earning a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, he worked with Ammann & Whitney Consulting Engineers in New York. He also taught at Washington University, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University and Pratt Institute. Dr. Vakil was one of the founders of Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT University now) and served the institute for 50 years out of which last 30 years as its Honorary Director. Under his leadership CEPT grew from an architecture school to an internationally renowned university offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in design, technology, planning and management. He has also been active with advancement of technical and science education as well as with advancement of the engineering profession. He has founded and mentored many citizen/social organizations. As the Chairman of VMSEDS, he is actively involved with the strategic direction of the firm.

  • Dr. Mahendra Mehta

    Dr. Mahendra Mehta |  |

    Nationally renowned Structural Engineering expert with many iconic and landmark projects to his credit, Dr. Mehta has a special ability to utilize computer programming to solve complex engineering problems. He has developed numerous codes for design of chimneys, floor plates, dynamic machinery foundations, etc. As strong advocate of automation, he has helped VMS with development of many software applications for improving quality and productivity of routine engineering processes. He ensured that VMS stayed ahead on the technology curve at all times. Many social and non-profit organizations are thankful to him for lending his expertise for building their facilities. Dr. Mehta holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master’s in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.

  • Mr. Ramesh Sheth

    Mr. Ramesh Sheth |  |

    In a long and productive career of 50 years, Mr. Ramesh Sheth has consulted for over one thousand projects and built a loyal client base for VMS. He has substantial experience with projects in Middle East and Africa. Mr. Sheth has contributed to several innovations in steel design for industrial projects in India. A generation of engineering professionals owes their mentoring and career development to Mr. Sheth. He holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Bombay and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. He worked for Skidmore, Owings and Merril (SOM) in San Francisco before returning to India and founding VMS.