Stadiums: How to reduce cost overruns – part 4


Stakeholder 3: Media and Broadcasting
Facilities for the media are an integral part of stadium design, and mostly because of the large sums of money which is earned from the media rights for sporting events. These facilities involve the three main categories of public information and entertainment services – the press (including news-papers and magazines), radio, and television. Being an essential of the stakeholders, the media should also enjoy the best of comfort, safety and match visibility (as already discussed in the post 2; stakeholder 1: audience).

Since most of the activities take place while the match is in progress, the most important design facility required for the media is to have an excellent view of the pitch and the central area of the stadium. It is imperative to have proper platforms for television cameras where most likely, the seats for various commentators and radio transmitters are also provided. It is equally important to fulfil the requisites of the various technology and gadgets which help in covering the match.


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