Globally, wall panels or claddings have acquired traction for industrial plus commercial buildings. Wall panels offer the benefits of low maintenance, strong protection, whilst giving building a unique look. They are practical, reliable and efficient solution for variety of new construction. In fact, they have become the fastest growing innovations in industrial market.

Walls are an integral part of any structure, to support roofs, floors and ceilings. They function as a building envelope to give structure a form and to provide shelter and security. Cladding is application of one material over another to provide a layer. This serves as thermal, acoustic insulation and imparts better aesthetics to the structure. They are applied on the walls or sometimes they act as walling material along with the insulation. With wide range of claddings and insulators availability in the market it is requisite to select most appropriate panel or combination of panel plus insulation according to the industry and design suitability.

Our major concern is on the industrial projects. Many different types of materials are available in the market for walling purpose. Due to large variations in the temperature requirement of different industries, building envelope is the most significant structure. For ambient working temperature HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning) system is requisite. Operational energy required by the system will be based on the wall’s insulation factor. Therefore, lower the U-value better the combination for thermal insulation.


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